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The Lovebird Forum
The Lovebird Forum is the place for ALL lovebird fanatics to ask questions and share experiences about their beloved little parrots, see you there.

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1 146
Our Aviary center are specialized in selling very fresh laid and fertile species of parrot eggs ,
all our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary ,
candle tested and confirmed fertile . We are now taking orders from those are interested
52 alsgiftedaviary
1 649
we deal mostly with cockatiels all our birds are either hand fed or hand raised we will be getting into green cheek conures and kakarikis
53 Longo's Aviaries
1 973
Breeders of rare and endangered parrots. Pet companion parrots and toucans.
54 Talyabirds
1 41

Talyabirds is website for Talyabirds aviary we sell birds, birds equipment and tools such as toys, stands, seeds DNA Sexsing test .. etc also, we have online store.
55 Preethi Farms
1 1202

exotic birds breeders India
56 The Lovebird Forum
1 1793
The Lovebird Forum is the place for ALL lovebird fanatics to ask questions and share experiences about their beloved little parrots, see you there.

57 Pet Farewell Kits
1 191
Best pet farewell kits from farewellpetkit.com order and get the kit at your doorstep by next day. Book a kit for your pet call us now at 1-855-735-2011.
58 valleystable.exotic
1 141
Breeder of happy, healthy, handfed babies -- African Greys (Congos and Timnehs); Poicephalus (Red Bellies, Meyers, Senegals); Pyrrhura Conures (Black Capped Conures, Turquoise Green Cheeks); Aratinga Conures (Dusky Conures)
59 Lily Lane Pet Farm
1 863
At Lily Lane we focus on quality, raising a small quantity of quality hand raised birds and other pets.
60 www.parsparrots.com
1 621

61 Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Seed - Wild Bird Shop: Street End Feeds
1 478
Bird shop for bird food, bird feed and bird suppliers. A expert bird food suppliers & bird seed suppliers has been selling quality wild bird seed, seed mixes, bird gift service, black sunflower seeds, straights seeds, suet and fat foods, Niger seed and ma
62 aviario penedés
1 878

Baby of canaries and exotic, silvestrismo and hybridization, canaricultura sports and ornithology in general
63 Birdy Buddies
1 1109

I am a home based breeder of budgies located in Toronto, Onatario
64 Wilder Exotic Connections
1 923
Breeding peachface lovebirds and cockatiels. Also rescuing unwanted birds due to lifestyle changes.
65 Critterstuff And More
1 872
I sell pet supplies of all kinds, parrot cages, supplies for all types of pets. I breed Pyrrhura Conures and Congo African Greys.
66 New Beginnings Aviary
0 748
Small Home-based breeder of Cockatiels, Dominant Silver whiteface, Whiteface Pied & Whiteface Pearl, Red bellys, Meyers, Brownhead, & Senegals. Lovingly raised in a smokefree environment with lots of
67 marmosetcapuchinmonkey
0 61
Young trained baby moneys [ marmoset or capuchins ]

Pairs of Baby Marmoset and Capuchin monkeys
0 752
A last home for unwanted and/or unmanageable
birds of all sizes. I am vet recommended and offer a loving LAST home to birds of all species.
References available upon request. Located in NC
69 Exotic Pets Place
0 280
Thanks for visiting Exotic Pets Place where you can discover more about the wonderful array of exotic birds that we breed African Grey Congos, Blue & Gold Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Moluc
70 Boileau's Beautiful Birds
0 978
We are a hobby parrot breeder specializing in Lineolated Parakeets, Conures: Fiery Shouldered, Green Cheeks, Painted, Crimson Bellied, Peach Fronted and Finchi's Conures, Meyers, Hahn's Macaws, African Greys, Quakers and Rock Pebblers. Most of our birds
71 budgiemick's budgerigars
0 309

72 Silverwings' Aviary
0 1110
sells fischer lovebirds, Parakeets, cockatiels, and GCC
73 Feather Buddies
0 927
We breed Lineolated Parakeets ( all mutations including Edged Linnies ), Green Quakers, and Senegals. All our babies are handraised. We will ship within Canada.
74 Van Islae's Perky Parrots
0 761
Small hobby breeder of Goffin Cockatoo's, Severe Macaws, Timneh African Grays, and Senegals. Located in the Comox Valley, BC
75 Birds R us Brampton
0 1171
Superfriendly Spoonfed Babies, Breeders and Cages. Also Toys and Seeds.
76 In Woods Aviary
0 626
Our aviary is dedicated with providing you with quality exotic pet birds. Our babies are loved and raised in various settings to give you the benefit of receiving an instant family member. Please re
77 Sarah Watson Foundation
0 92

Parrots for Adoption, interested in sharing your home with talking, tame and person friendly Parrots. Here is your opportunity; we are currently giving our Parrots for adoption. We take enormous pride
78 www.positivelyparrots.net
0 808
breeders of macaws and amazons. hyacinths, blue and golds and yellow nape amazons.
79 Ziergefluegel und Exotenzuechterverein Jahnsdorf
0 736

80 Exotic Wingz Aviary
0 1345

Hobby breeder of Common, Pastelfaced and Whitefaced Cockatiels, PF Lovebird mutations, Fischer's Lovebird mutations, Blackcheeked Lovebirds, Red Rumps, Sun Conures, Indian Ringneck mutations, Congo A
81 SmallAviary
0 970
I am a hobby breeder, and i offer a selection of small to medium sized birds. Babies and breeders.
82 Love Those Tiels Aviary
0 602
Handfed quality mutation Cockatiels and Lineolated Parakeets. Located in Kamloops, British Columbia.
83 Precious Feathers Aviary
0 1219
Breeders of parrotlets, gold cap conures, sun conures, and many other conures. We are in the Southern Ontario Canada, GTA area. We also spoon feed and socialize baby parrots in a loving home.
0 335

85 Forever Birds R Us
0 795
We breed Cockatiels, Love Birds, Zebra, Spice, and Star Finches, Bourkes, Parakeets, and Indian Ringnecks. We will be adding some other types soon. We also do bird rescue.
86 Best Parrot Farm
0 75

Best Parrots has over 25 years of bird breeding experience!

Our bird breeding program strives for Perfectction in Health, Feathers, Growth, Personality and Disposition.
87 dmaviary
0 844
Small home based business, breeder of Macaws, African Greys, Tiels, Conures, Lovebirds.
88 Birdy Paradise
0 557
Birdy Paradise was created with the hopes of one day uniting all bird lovers under one bannerů orů wing. We hope you enjoy your stay, and we encourage you to submit cute, funny and unique pictures or videos of your beloved birds.

We'd love to be able
89 Flew the Coop Aviary and Avian Art Studio
0 559
We breed and raise hand-fed Senegal and Blue-Head Pionus Parrots. All babies are close-banded,spoon-fed,vet-checked and come with a health-guarantee and hatch certificate. I also paint Parrot and other animal portraits in Pastels or on Glassware.
90 C & C Farms Aviary
0 832

C & C Farms Aviary, with over 25 years experience in aviculture,Breeders of quality Macaws (Hyacinth, Buffon's, Green-Wing, Blue Throated, Illiger's, Scarlet), Amazons, Cockatoos, Caiques, Eclectus
91 LittleWings Eclectus
0 754
Small home aviary breeding Green Cheek Conures in all colors and Vos Eclectus.
Abundantly weaned and fully fledged babies only.
92 Linda's Parrotlets
0 833
My focus is breeding Pacific Parrotlets. I also breed Greed Cheek Conures and Yellowsided Conures. All babies are raised lovingly in my living room to socialize and adapt them to everyday household a
93 Treasured Wings
0 805
We at TReasured Wings are interested in educateing the public on birds and there care, we visit hospitals , schools, nursing homes , in homes, retirement homes, we take in birds needing a PERM home and not adopt out , we have a love and passion for our fe
94 Dar's Little Gems
0 531
Hand Fed Sun Conures and Quakers
95 Parrot Adopt Southern Ontario
0 1016
We are a parrot rescue located in Southern Ontario. We have been open since 2000. Having placed over 400 parrots into new homes. Rescues are popping up everywhere lately. Please make sure you birds
96 Whispering Wings Aviary
0 608
Breeders of English & Domestic budgies..Also now working with Cresteds...White Face Cockatiels.. Mutation Ring Necks,Moustach Parakeets...other small hook bills.
97 SweetGreys
0 1261
I'm a small in home breeder of AFRICAN GREYS I love my babies & take the time to give them the emotional stability they need to have a long healthy & happy life.They are allways hand fed & will be a
98 oisellerienp
0 206
breeder rosy bourke(opaline,rubino,lutino)parakeet turquoisine(yellow,and opaline yellow)
splendide (blue)and diamond gouldian
99 Dar's Little Gems
0 199
Hand fed Baby Sun Conures and Hand fed Quaker Parrots
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