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Breeders of Australian & exotic parrots for hand-raised pets & breeding birds. Bird-breeding articles & info. Photos. Leg ring size list. Bird sales & events. Links to Aus laws on aviculture.

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 T A M B O R I N E A V I A R I E S
3185 6821

Breeders of Australian & exotic parrots for hand-raised pets & breeding birds. Bird-breeding articles & info. Photos. Leg ring size list. Bird sales & events. Links to Aus laws on aviculture.
2 Parrots Canada
2655 5296

Southern Ontario aviary specializing in hand-fed baby parrots. Informative website for those interested in purchasing a parrot, or for the new parrot owner. Grooming on-site or in your home.
3 -
2135 2707
4 Great Parrots
1083 5745

In SW Ontario near London.
We raise african greys, senegals, blue and green quakers, ringneck and moustache parakeets, greencheek and fiery shoulder conures.
Babies are handfed and well socialized.
5 AVES WORLD Best Bird Sites
924 1102

Products for pet birds. Shop online. Bird information. Magazines. Aviculture. Conservation. Add your bird site today!
6 D & R Treasures Aviary
878 2148

Our world has gone to the birds...Yours can too! We are hobby breeders located in North Alabama. We breed Sun, Jenday, & Greencheek Conures as well as Lovebirds, Cockatiels &Quakers. We also have cage
7 Featherz Bird Forums Australia
447 29019

Australian Bird Information Site. . .Wide range of subjects covering all facets of Avian Subjects & Birds breeds, with interactive advice from Respected and Experienced Aviculturists.
8 Feathered Imps Aviary
370 1917
Breeder of Sun, Jenday and all colour mutations of Greencheek Conures... Yellowsides, Cinnamon, Pineapple and Turquoise. Specialize in family-socialized handfed little Imps!
9 Too Qute Aviaries and Avian Services
305 3578

Breeder Of High Quality Endangered Parrots.In home Avian Services,Severe Mini Macaws,Kaks,Lovies,GreenCheeks, SW ONTARIO.Check us Out!!
10 Genesis Aviaries
254 3278
Cockatiels,Parrotlets,Lovebirds,Conures,Quakers, Indian Ringneck, African Grey,Cockatoos, Eclectus, B&G Macaws in Canada.
11 Crazy 4 Birds Aviary
251 2392
We are a small home based Bird Breeder of Alexandrines, Cockatiels, Finches,Bourkes, Kakarikas,Lovebirds, Conures, Budgies and Maxi Pionus. Located in Corunna, ON.
12 Just Us Parrotlets
158 1686

Breeder of Pacific Parrotlets ,handfed babies,our Parrotlet Babies are very sweet and loving temperment's ,well socialized,Pastel Blue,Pastal Yellow ,Specelated,American White
Located in Ontario,Can
13 Bennett's Birds
114 2277
Small breeder of colour Bred canaries, Gouldian Finches, Star Finches, Lineolated Parakeets,and others located in Durham Region, ON
14 Arrowoutdoors.com
113 1666
Our main webpage contains
Avian related sites, Huron and Perth County Parrot Club webpage ,vet links and
Arrowoutdoors Avairy.
15 TampaLovebird
110 303

We breed and sell all types of african lovebirds in tampa fl.
16 Heaven's Lil Darlings!
107 2831

Small, private hobbiest breeder of parrotlets, blue and gold macaws, green-cheeked/yellow-sided/sun/green-cheeked splits/brown-throated/pineapple and rose-fronted(rare) conures/coming soon-Senegals...
17 Schauwellensittiche
106 1426

Zucht und Haltung von Schauwellensittichen

18 Little Darlings
106 2561

Abundance weaned handfed socialized Conures: Painted, Dusky, Green-cheeked, Crimson-bellied, Rose-Crowneds; Quakers & mutations; 3 species of Pionus, Alexandrines, Senegals. Shipping in Canada. ONTARI
19 On African Wings
97 2876

On African Wings is a home run aviary of african species of parrots.
20 Fischers Lovebird
96 2287

This little site cares for the well-being of the Lovebird with plenty of information and some great photos.
21 Mnt. Top Free Flight Averys
77 1630

Handfed , well socialized and Abundance weaned Cockatiels and English Budgies.
22 Precious Parrots
66 2123

I am a home based hobby breeder located in Innisfil ON. Near Barrie. We have super tame handfed baby parrots from parrotlets to Macaws!!
23 John Zerafa-The Bird Gallery
52 2442

Breeder, exhibitor and judge of exhibition budgerigars, American Singer Canaries, finches and hookbills.
24 Avianloft Canada
44 1543
Breeder of quality birds including Parrotlets , Green cheeked Conures, Black capped Conures , Yellow sided Conures, Peach faced Lovebirds, Lineolated Parakeets
39 3131

Blue&Gold,Military,&Scarlet,Bolivian Blue&Gold Macaws
Umbrellas,Goffens,&Tritons,Moellas Cockatoos
Senegals & Meyers 780 336 3504
26 K&E Web
33 1626

Small hobby breeder of Senegal Parrots. Keeper of Sun conures, African Greys and Eclectus parrots.
27 Leg Band Numbers
32 1582
My site is a group that is a great resource for breeders and bird owners. I help to trace the bands of birds. I encourage all breeders to join to make this a greater resource and anyone who is looking
28 Best Bird Sites
27 2041

Looking for bird information of any kind, then look no further than Best Bird Sites.
29 parsparrot
27 443

We breed and sell African Grey Parrot, Moluccan cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Hahns Macaw, Green Cheeck Conure, Indian Ringneck Parrot
30 S&J Exotics
18 1692
We specialize in well socialized handfed baby birds. we breed parrots of all sizes, macaws, conures, amazons, ...ect
31 CockatielsPlusParrots.com
16 505
The information Source for Cockatiel Color Mutations, PHOTOS, Consults, E-books, Speaker Talks, & Articles by LINDA S. RUBIN, Judge & Bird Breeder Expert/Columnist for BIRD TALK`s BirdChannel.com.

32 Devaduttaviaries
15 1985

breeder of hand fed and tame baby parrot's
We live in Ottawa Canada
33 Michelle Fazio
15 840

Our Congo, Timneh and Red Factor African Greys love everybody and are raised with our family and other pets. I have newly hatched babies for sale.
34 Parrot Farm SA
15 624

At Parrot Farm we breed with Amazons, Macaws, African Greys, Cockatoos, Ringnecks, Rosellas, Conures and Senegal parrots. Our parrots make excellent pets as all our chicks are hand reared.
35 Feathered Wings Aviary
14 85

Ontario bird breeder specializing in Lovebirds, Pineapple Conures, Parrotlets and Linnies
36 Owned By Parrots Aviary
12 536

Owned By Parrots Aviary is a family owned, in Home Pet Supply Store that supplies local pet stores of hand fed parrots, some feeds and toys.
37 Michelle Fazio
9 1181

We take great pride in our breeding program, preserving the endangered Hyacinth Macaw. We have baby Macaw Hyacinths and at times we sell young, adult, proven breeding pairs. All of our babies are hand fed, friendly, loving and gentle.
38 The Nestling Haven
9 436

The Nestling Haven is a great place to find that new addition to your family and purchase affordable bird toys constructed of bird safe materials.
39 Devaduttaviaries
6 2219

breeder of hand fed and tame baby parrots we live in Ottawa
40 Precious Parrots
5 1941

Home based hobby breeder of exotic parrots cockatiels to macaws. handfed babies available, wing & nail clipping, dna, personalized shirts and hats and more... Located in Innisfil, ON
41 gift of god parrot rescue
4 1735

we are a parrot rescue here in Ottawa Canada
42 My Jungle.Net
3 1368

It is a site for bird people to enjoy. It is a place the bird breeders, Bird shops, Bird Rescues,and bird clubs can be listed. It also has a forum for bird people to chat about birds.
43 Jasper's Aviary
3 587
We are a hobby breeder of Dutch blue, Normal and Lutino Lovebirds, green cheek conures,and Lutino Indian ringnecks,
44 BirdTalk Aviary
2 1398
Bird rescue, rehoming, consultation, breeding, sales, handfeeding, education, training
http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ARP1/ please join us in creating a parrot network of working together and buil
45 birdys' baby noisery
2 1303
hobby breeder of beautiful lovebirds, mask, fischer, peachface at home aviary in Dix Hills, Long Island NY
46 debras dog rescue
2 860

We are a small breed dog rescue not far from Ottawa Canada
47 giftofgod
2 401
We are a parrot rescue not far from Ottawa Canada.
Please have a look around are website for more info about us
Thank u
48 Free Dating Sites
2 106
Up to date discount codes and special deals to make the best online dating sites inexpensive or even free. Coupons for the most popular Internet dating sites like Match, eHarmony, and niche love sites
49 Wild Bird Food - Wild Bird Seed - Wild Bird Shop: Street End Feeds
1 478
Bird shop for bird food, bird feed and bird suppliers. A expert bird food suppliers & bird seed suppliers has been selling quality wild bird seed, seed mixes, bird gift service, black sunflower seeds, straights seeds, suet and fat foods, Niger seed and ma
50 The Lovebird Forum
1 1791
The Lovebird Forum is the place for ALL lovebird fanatics to ask questions and share experiences about their beloved little parrots, see you there.

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